Barnard Endowed Scholarship

The Barnard Endowed Scholarship was established in 2007 by the late John Fiske Barnard KOGOD/MBA ’59 in memory of his late wife, Lovelle Barnard, who, along with the Donor, benefited greatly from the teachings of professor James J. Gray. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support to deserving graduate, undergraduate, or non-degree students studying psychology. Dr. James J. Gray shall oversee the administration of the scholarship, which shall be awarded to deserving students in need of financial assistance, with preference for adult learners. In accord with University policy, a pool of qualified scholarship candidates shall be selected by Dr. James J. Gray and two other faculty members appointed by the Chair of the Department of Psychology. Once the pool of qualified candidates is selected, Dr. James J. Gray will select the scholarship recipient from that pool. If Dr. Gray is unwilling or unable to participate in administration of the Scholarship, the Chair of the Department of Psychology will select a member of the Department of Psychology as a replacement.

Income from the Fund will be awarded annually in accord with the University’s financial aid policies. If, in a particular year, there are no qualified applicants, the University may choose to award the Scholarship in a manner that best follows the Donor’s original intent or reserve the funds for subsequent years when qualified applicants are identified. Scholarships awarded by the Fund will be applied to the cost of attending the University. In accord with University policy, the Scholarship will be renewed from year to year. Once a scholarship has been awarded to a student, that student will continue to receive the Scholarship for each academic year so long as the student is enrolled at the University and meets the University’s eligibility requirements for scholarship assistance. New Scholarship recipients will be chosen as the eligibility of prior recipients expires and the income from the Fund permits.