Barbara Bohn Wright Memorial Scholarship

The Barbara Bohn Wright Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 by Gary K. Wright in memory of his wife, Barbara Bohn White, to provide book grants to purchase required books and materials from the University Campus Store for students with the greatest financial need.

Income from the Fund will be awarded to students whose Estimated Family Contribution is expected to be $0 (therefore the family’s financial need is the full cost of education). Candidates for this scholarship will be selected by the University’s Office of Financial Aid along with the donor with equal preference given to African-American, Asian-American, Arab-American. Hispanic-American, International and Native-American continuing students. If, in any given year, there are no continuing students who meet these criteria, the University may make the award to an entering student who otherwise meets the established criteria for this scholarship.

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years. Each award will be for the full cost of books, which is part of the standard University calculation for the cost of attendance per academic year. Any proceeds not utilized in that academic year are to be retained for use in future years.